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Thursday, April 16: The NASDAQ eclipsed the 1,650 level today in closing up 43.64 to 1,670.44.

Wednesday, April 15: The NASDAQ may be ready to eclipse the 1,650 level again after trading below 1,600 today and closing at 1,626.80.

Wednesday, March 4: It looks like yesterday may have marked a reversal for the NASDAQ at least for the short-term. The NASDAQ hit a low around 1,313 yesterday and traded up today, 32.73 to close at 1,353.74. Optimism is starting to come back to the stock market and the media. We believe we could see the NASDAQ put together a nice run the next few days.

Friday, January 2: The NASDAQ has now moved higher the past three trading days and is now above its 50-day moving average. Volume has been light the last three trading days, next week will be a better indicator of a possible turn around.

Thursday, December 4: Tomorrow will be a pivotal day for the stock market. If the market has a good day tomorrow we could see a good week next week and possibly see the NASDAQ challenge its 50-day moving average as it continues to move down towards the sideways pattern of the NASDAQ the last four days.

Tuesday, November 25: The NASDAQ reached a higher high its current trend today, but fell short of closing in the green. The exchange closed down 7.29 to 1,464.73. The NASDAQ is facing some minor resistance at its current price level. We believe the NASDAQ will challenge its 50-day moving average within the next 1 - 2 weeks. The 50-day moving average is currently at 1,750.73 and converging down.

Monday, November 24: The NASDAQ closed up 87.67 to 1,472.02 today, rebounding from an oversold condition three days ago. The 50-day moving average is moving down quickly, currently at 1,765.60. We could see the NASDAQ hit and test its 50-day moving average at around 1,675 or so in the next 1 - 2 weeks.

Wednesday, November 19: We believe we will see the NASDAQ correct by the end of the week. We believe it should hit a low tomorrow and mark at least a short-term bottom for the exchange. There are too many bargains out there for the smart money to stay away from this level for long.

Thursday, November 13: The NASDAQ lost support and then rebounded strong and closed at its high of the day, up 97.49 to 1,596.70 for a 6.50% gain. This is bullish seeing the exchange close at its high of the day and it bodes well for another day or more of moves and a possible new short-term uptrend. There is still too much uncertainty to expect an extended move.

Wednesday, September 3: The NASDAQ closed at 2,333.52 today, right above its 50-day moving average support level today. The NASDAQ has been in a slow downtrend, but could now have a few up days towards its 200-day moving average at 2,409.62.

Thursday, August 28: The NASDAQ closed at the top of its range between its 50-day and 200-day moving average. If the NASDAQ can break through 2,414.05, we could see it fill out its chart above 2,450.

Friday, August 22: The NASDAQ confirmed the reversal from yesterday. The exchange closed up 34.33 to 2,414.71, just below its 200-day moving average at 2,419.72.

Monday, August 18: The NASDAQ dropped 35.54 today, but is still within its six day range. We will watch for a rebound in the NASDAQ tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 5: The NASDAQ traded to the top of its range today, finishing a huge day up 64.27 to 2,349.83. The exchange is in a slow uptrend, but the NASDAQ is looking good for a bigger move to fill its chart. Also, oil and gas have been dropping, weighing less on businesses.

Tuesday, July 29: The NASDAQ gained back its losses from yesterday and more, closing up 55.40 to 2,319.62. The exchange is still within its now nine-day range.

Tuesday, July 22: The NASDAQ closed up 24.43 to 2,303.96, rebounding from two down days. The exchange traded in a much more volatile range today. It looks like the NASDAQ is ready to make a new leg higher.

Monday, July 21: The NASDAQ traded in a tight range today, closing down slightly today at 2,2279.53, losing 3.25 as oil prices move sideways.

Thursday, July 17: The NASDAQ closed up 27.45 to 2,312.30 today, its third straight up day.

Wednesday, July 16: Yesterday's reversal was confirmed today with the NASDAQ having a big day, up 69.14 to 2,284.85. Intel, eBay and others have been reporting strong earnings. Also, oil prices have been correcting to the downside. Advancers to decliners on the NASDAQ were 74% to 22% today.

Tuesday, July 15: The NASDAQ may have started to reverse today, it hit a low of 2,167.29 before rebounding to close in the green at 2,215.71.

Monday, July 14: The NASDAQ lost further ground today, down 26.21 to 2,212.87, still trying to find a bottom.

Friday, July 11: The NASDAQ was affected by further fall out from mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and also weighed down by oil reaching a new record above $147 a barrel today. The excahnge lost 18.77 to 2,239.08 and reached a lower low.

Tuesday, July 8: The NASDAQ appears to have bottomed out the last two days in its nearly oversold condition. The exchange surged strong today, up 51.10 to 2,294.42.

Monday, July 7: The NASDAQ is very near being technically oversold. The exchange has an RSI of 30.74 with under 30 being an oversold condition. The NASDAQ appears to have started to bottom out today, trading as low as 2,214.16 before closing down only 2.06 at 2,243.32.

Monday, June 30: The NASDAQ lost ground today, but several stocks were movers. The NASDAQ looks like it could have some support around its current price.

Thursday, June 26: The NASDAQ was hit hard today by soaring oil prices, oil closed up $5.24 to $139.79. Several companies were downgraded as well. The NASDAQ closed down 79.89 to 2,451.32 and is nearing the mid-April support level.

Monday, June 23: The NASDAQ dropped to short-term lows today, losing 20.35 to 2,385.74.

Friday, June 20: The NASDAQ reached its 50-day moving average today then struggled and dropped 55.97 to 2,406.09.

Wednesday, June 18: Oil climbed $2.23 to $136.24 and Wall Street is concerned over banking and credit again causing the NASDAQ to drop 28.02 to 2,429.71. Watch to see if the NASDAQ can regain its 50-day moving average tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17: Oil still remains high at over $133 a barrel and this is weighing on the market the longer oil stays up this high. The NASDAQ closed down 17.05 to 2,457.73, but is still above its 50-day moving average of 2,440.33.

Friday, June 13: The NASDAQ surged today past its 50-day moving average after oil prices dropped $1.88 to $134.86 and inflation eased. The exchange closed up 50.15 to 2,454.50.

Wednesday, June 11: The NASDAQ lost support today and dropped close to 55 points to 2,394.01. Oil jumped today to over $136 a barrel and is continuing to weigh on the market.

Monday, June 9: The NASDAQ tested its 50-day moving average support and held up, but still finished down 15.10 to 2,459.46, but recovered nicely late in the day.

Friday, June 6: The NASDAQ lost its momentum today and dropped over 75 points after oil prices surged over $10.00 to $138.54.

Wednesday, June 4: The NASDAQ closed up 22.66 to 2,503.14 today and hit resistance at its 200-day moving average at 2,513.78.

Monday, June 2: The NASDAQ struggled breaking its 200-day moving average of 2,513.64 today and dropped down 31.13 to 2,491.53. The exchange's 50-day moving average is quickly rising for support, its at 2,411.02.

Tuesday, May 27: The NASDAQ closed up 36.57 to 2,481.24. It looks like the exchange may have reached a bottom last week below 2,450. The 50-day moving average is now at 2,389.10 and uptrending quickly.

Friday, May 23: The NASDAQ dropped down 19.91 points to 2,444.67 today. The exchange may have support coming as the 50-day moving average moves higher, it is currently at 2,383.73.

Thursday, May 22: The NASDAQ closed up 16.31 today to 2,464.58 and may have reached a bottom after four straight down days.

Wednesday, May 14: The NASDAQ met resistance again today at its 200-day moving average at 2,516.60.

Tuesday, May 13: The NASDAQ is facing resistance at 2,500. The exchange closed very near that today at 2,495.12, up 6.63.

Monday, May 12: The NASDAQ rebounded to the top of its range today, up 42.97 to 2,488.49 or 1.76%. The exchange's 50-day moving average is continuing to approach fast.

Wednesday, May 7: The NASDAQ lost support today and dropped 44.82 to 2,438.49. The exchange is correcting after a nice uptrend. This is normal and the 50-day moving average is heading higher.

Tuesday, May 6: The NASDAQ closed up 19.19 to 2,483.31 today and at the top of its range.

Monday, May 5: The NASDAQ has had a significant upside run over the last two months and traded down slightly today, but stayed at the top of its trend.

Tuesday, September 4: The NASDAQ surged off of its 50-day moving average support at 2,595.27 today to close up 33.88 to 2,630.24. The exchange is now near its highest strength level since mid-July.

Friday, August 31: The NASDAQ closed just above its 50-day moving average, up 31.06 to 2,596.38. The exchange reached a bottom below 2,400 just over two weeks ago on August 16th.

Monday, August 27: The NASDAQ closed down 15.44 to 2,561.25 today. The NASDAQ is not far away from reaching its 50-day moving average at 2,599.34.

Thursday, August 23: The NASDAQ closed down 11.10 to 2,541.70 and may now be facing some resistance.

Wednesday, August 22: The NASDAQ had a strong session today finsihing up 31.50 to 2,552.80 or 1.25%. The exchange has been in an uptrend the last four trading sessions with higher lows each day.

Wednesday, August 8: The NASDAQ gapped significantly higher today and closed up 51.38 to 2,612.98 or 2.01%. The exchange hit resistance at its 50-day moving average of 2,616.40.

Tuesday, August 7: The NASDAQ is starting to build some momentum back finishing up 14.27 today to 2,561.60 after a strong reversal yesterday.

Monday, August 6: The NASDAQ traded as low as 2,491.96 today and actually below the 200-day moving average of 2,492.90 before closing up 36.08 to 2,547.33.

Tuesday, July 31: The NASDAQ traded in a hugely volatile range today between 2,545.90 and 2,607.45 finishing on the low end of the range down 37.01 at 2,546.27 or down 1.43%.

Monday, July 30: Several stocks began to rebound from their bottoming level today as the NASDAQ closed up 21.04 to 2,583.28 or 0.82%.

Tuesday, July 24: The NASDAQ closed down 50.72 today at 2,639.86 or 1.89% after earnings and credit concerns shook the market into a correction. The exchange has support moving towards it with the 50-day moving average at 2,612.91.

Thursday, July 19: The NASDAQ gapped higher today and closed up 20.055 to 2,720.04.

Wednesday, July 18: The NASDAQ traded as low as 2,674.26 today before recovering to finish down only 12.80 at 2,699.49.

Tuesday, July 17: The NASDAQ moved forward into record territory today trading as high as 2,719.94 and closing up 14.96 to 2,712.29.

Monday, July 16: The NASDAQ traded in a similar range of yesterday except finishing in the red down 9.67 at 2,697.33.

Thursday, July 12: The NASDAQ had a huge day finishing up 49.94 to 2,701.73 or 1.88%. The DOW had its biggest gain in four years.

Wednesday, July 11: After a correction yesterday, the NASDAQ rebounded 12.63 today to 2,651.79. We are moving into earnings season on Wall Street.

Monday, July 9: The NASDAQ traded in a tight range today, closing up 3.51 to 2,670.02. The NASDAQ has now closed in the green during the last five trading sessions.

Thursday, July 5: The NASDAQ was struggling in the AM then turned it around to reach another new high, finishing up 11.70 to 2,656.65.

Thursday, June 28: The NASDAQ reached a high of 2,624.60 today before closing up 3.02 at 2,608.37.

Wednesday, June 27: The NASDAQ surged off of support today, closing up 31.19 to 2,605.35. The Federal Reserve's two-day meeting ends tomorrow. Rates are expected to hold steady at 5.25 percent.

Tuesday, June 26: The NASDAQ touched and held up the 50-day moving average at 2,566.91 today. The exchange looks to be trying to turn the corner after holding in the green much of the day before finishing down 2.92 to 2,574.16.

Monday, June 25: The NASDAQ fell today after a bullish morning session. The NASDAQ closed down 11.88 to 2,577.08. The exchange has support at 2,565.79.

Friday, June 22: The NASDAQ closed down 28.00 to 2,588.96. Investors have interest rates and souring subprime loans in focus.

Thursday, June 21: The NASDAQ rebounded today to close up 17.00 to 2,616.96.

Wednesday, June 20: The NASDAQ closed down 26.80 today to 2,599.96 filling the gap set last Friday.

Tuesday, June 19: The NASDAQ trended sideways again today, finishing around even on the day. The 50-day moving average is moving higher and should begin to act as support.

Monday, June 18: The NASDAQ gapped higher last Friday, a bullish move. Today, The NASDAQ held its ground at the higher level.

Monday, June 11: The NASDAQ traded on both sides of even today before closing slightly down 1.39 to 2,572.15.

Business.vn (BVNI)

Friday, August 22: BVNI closed up 17%+ today. We expect more and more eyes to come onto BVNI. It is a ground floor opportunity to play the second fastest growing economy in the World.

Monday, August 18: BVNI announced that their travel site for Vietnam travel now has 400 Hotel's advertising. The site is becoming hugely popular and the company is monetizing it. Vietnam welcomed 2.5 million foreign tourists in the first half of 2008, according to the Vietnam government's Web portal. We don't think it will be long before investors realize BVNI is a good way to play the huge growth of the Vietnamese economy and travel.

Activision Blizzard (ATVI)

Wednesday, March 4: ATVI closed above $10.00 today and continues to trade in its tight range between $9.73 and $10.26.

Friday, January 2: ATVI worked off its lows with a 5%+ move today. We'd be surprised if it sees those lows again.

Tuesday, November 25: We could see ATVI move close to the $13 mark again if the NASDAQ goes where we expect it to.

Monday, November 24: ATVI gapped higher today and closed up $0.70 to $11.00.

Wednesday, November 19: Its very hard to believe that ATVI is trading under $10.00 and at levels it was trading at last November (before ATVI had blowout earnings and announced their merger with Blizzard). Long-term, we are confident ATVI will be much, much higher.

Ivanhoe Mines (IVN)

Tuesday, November 25: IVN traded down slightly today with gold virtually sideways.

Monday, November 24: IVN moved close to 14% higher today on golds big move heading into the open today. Money around the world is starting to move back into gold as a protection strategy against currency.

Denison Mines (DNN)

Wednesday, March 4: DNN closed up 13%+ today, closing near its high of the day.

Friday, January 2: DNN closed up huge today on massive volume, up $0.52 to $1.70. DNN is now up 115% since our DNN Stock Pick a month ago!


Thursday, December 4: BIDZ has been able to weather the sideways market this week. A lot of traders are looking at BIDZ as an attractive trade and short squeeze opportunity. Its chart is looking good for a move to $5.00+ after consolidating the past few days.


Thursday, December 4: EMKR has consolidated after a correction and could surge towards $2.50 once a new uptrend begins.

Nevsun Resources (NSU)

Wednesday, March 4: NSU has corrected and might be ready to take its next step higher again after closing at its high of the day today.

Friday, January 2: NSU closed up $0.09 to $0.81. NSU could be headed to fill out its short-term pattern to $0.91. NSU is now up 97% since our NSU Stock Pick a month ago!

Thursday, December 4: NSU has marked a possible reversal situation today after reaching a low of $0.36. We could see NSU hit a lower low tomorrow before reversing depending on the situation with gold, but it looks like it could be a good trade.

Real Goods Solar (RSOL)

Monday, November 24: RSOL is very volatile, but went volatile to the upside today, up $1.18 to $5.20 or close to a 30% move. RSOL moves quickly on minimal volume.

ENGlobal (ENG)

Monday, November 24: ENG closed up $0.47 to $2.82 or 20%.

Thursday, November 13: ENG had a big day, up $0.76 to $4.76 or 19%.

Texas Vanguard Oil (TVOC)

Friday, August 22: TVOC is pretty well accumulated between $12.50 and $15.00. There aren't many shares available to sell, once it sees buying volume, it could trade higher quickly.

Tuesday, August 5: We expect TVOC to have a blowout quarter with earnings expected out around August 15th.

Friday, July 11: There were some shares bought at the ask late in the day. TVOC continues to be accumulated and have strong money flow. There seems to be only a few shares available at each ask point. TVOC has a tiny float of only 314k. TVOC should have a blowout quarter with oil prices as high as they are, which would make TVOC even more undervalued.

Thursday, June 26: TVOC was significantly undervalued based on last quarter numbers, it hasn't moved huge like other oil & gas stocks and this upcoming quarters numbers could be very huge with oil hitting $140 a barrel today.

Monday, June 23: We believe TVOC is the best bargain in an industry that was very hot today. Stocks in the Independent Oil & Gas industry were up 4.60%.

Wednesday, June 18: TVOC traded above average volume today.

Wednesday, June 11: Investors are still accumulating TVOC in its current price range.

Monday, June 9: TVOC closed up $0.51 to $13.49 today or close to 4.00%. TVOC has been gaining momentum the past three days working off of $12.09, hit last week.

Friday, June 6: TVOC closed up over 7.00% today. Based on the current situation with oil prices, TVOC is even more undervalued than when we first discovered it. TVOC could be one of the best undiscovered gems of all-time at SpeculatingStocks.com. TVOC could be the perfect storm if and when it gets discovered by the momentum oil investors.

Monday, June 2: Accumulation and distribution was strong in TVOC again today and it traded over nine times average volume. There are a lot of new shareholders moving into TVOC. This is a good sign for the stock and its prospects for becoming discovered.

Tuesday, May 27: TVOC stepped higher three different times today, trading from $13.00 as the open to $14.80, up $1.80. Once TVOC gets moving, we expect it to move dollars at a time. TVOC is tightly held stock and we don't believe the investors in it will sell much at its current level. There seems to be a good bit of loyalty built into this stock's shareholder base.

Friday, May 23: TVOC traded around average volume today and closed up slightly. Oil stocks rebounded after yesterday's down move. Make sure to tell all your friends about TVOC over the Memorial holiday weekend. We see TVOC as a great, rare opportunity. We believe it will get discovered sooner than later. TVOC is just too good to be overlooked.

Thursday, May 22: We believe TVOC could garner a lot of attention after the weekend as people realize the potential of this play. It is a great opportunity, read our Stock Hub posts on TVOC.

Verineum (VRNM)

Wednesday, September 3: VRNM has filled its gap higher from early in August.

Tuesday, July 29: VRNM hit a high of $2.04 today. VRNM has now had a total possible gain of 22.8% since we first mentioned it as our Stock of the Week last Sunday (7/20).

Tuesday, July 22: VRNM corrected a bit today, but there were still a lot of buyers at the top of its range today. VRNM could break out any day this week. A lot of investors are following it and its at a perfect price point to expode from.

Petro Resources (PRC)

Tuesday, November 25: PRC closed up $0.06 to $0.46 or 15% on over two times average volume.

Caribou Coffee (CBOU)

Wednesday, November 19: CBOU released news on Monday announcing their partnership with the Emergency Foodshelf Network.

Asia Time Corporation (TYM)

Tuesday, August 5: Check our Stock Hub updates on TYM earlier today. TYM has closed at its high of the day two straight days now leading up to earnings.

Mad Catz Interactive (MCZ)

Wednesday, November 19: MCZ reported second quarter revenue on Tuesday of $25.8 million, a 53% increase over the same period last year.

Thursday, November 13: MCZ closed up 9%+ going into earnings, but on below average volume.

Northern Technologies International (NTIC)

Tuesday, November 25: NTIC traded low volume today, but closed at its high of the day. We could see NTIC linger around the $8.00 level for a while if it can hold onto today's gains.

Thursday, August 28: NTIC has moved up around 59% since its bottom in early August to its high yesterday.

Monday, August 18: NTIC is attempting to rebound. It looks pretty attractive around its current price.

RH Donnelley (RHD)

Monday, August 18: RHD started a possible, new second leg higher today (up $0.31 to $2.19) and close to breaking through its 50-day moving average at $2.54.

Tuesday, August 5: RHD experienced a strong reversal today after getting close to oversold the last few days. We wouldn't be surprised to see RHD rebound to around $1.90 or even $2.00.

Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS)

Tuesday, November 25: FSYS continued to be a momentum play today, trading as high as $29.58 and closed up $1.52 to $28.75 or 5%+.

Monday, November 24: FSYS finished up big today, up $3.76 to $27.08 or 16%+.

Thursday, November 13: Overall, FSYS is an up trend after we called a bottom in the stock below $25.00. FSYS started a new leg in its uptrend today, up $3.89 to $36.79 for an 11%+ gain.

Wednesday, September 3: FSYS closed very near its high of the day today.

Thursday, August 28: FSYS appears to be back on the uptrend again after it turned up $1.62 to $52.71 today.

Monday, August 18: FSYS dipped to as low as $52.15 today before closing up $1.77 to $55.35.

Tuesday, August 5: FSYS closed very near its high of the day, closing up 8%+ on significant volume. FSYS should have a good chance at reaching its 52-week high or beyond above $42.42.

Tuesday, July 29: FSYS closed up $1.17 to $36.87.

Tuesday, July 22: FSYS, our Stock of the Week from last week, moved up huge today, $3.05 to $39.79, up over 8.00%. FSYS is now very near that $41.89 52-week high that we thought it would reach and even surpass.

Monday, July 21: FSYS closed up $0.61 to $36.74 and traded as high as $37.40 today.

Thursday, July 17: FSYS was up $0.69 to $38.03 and up every day this week as our Stock of the Week. FSYS seems set on reaching its 52-week high of $41.90.

Wednesday, July 16: FSYS moved late in the day again to fnish up $0.70 to $37.34. FSYS has kept its chart momentum. FSYS has a very nice chart the past five days.

Tuesday, July 15: FSYS broke out today on over two times average volume, finishing up strongly, moving $2.82 to $36.64 or 8.34%. FSYS has major momentum going into tomorrow. FSYS has more room to move higher and its 52-week high is looming at $41.90.

Monday, July 14: FSYS performed ok on Day #1 of our Stock of the Week. It was in the red through the much of the day and rebounded late to finish up $0.43 to $33.82, a 1.29% gain for the day. FSYS did trade almost one and a half times average volume and we believe it has strong momentum going into tomorrow. We could see a pretty big day out of FSYS tomorrow, its chart is looking very nice.

US Gold Corp (UXG)

Monday, June 30: UXG traded as high as $2.48 this morning before closing up 2.20% at $2.32.

US Energy (USEG)

Monday, July 14: USEG passed through its 50-day moving average today, but on low volume.

Friday, June 20: USEG has moved up a solid 19.8% since our USEG stock pick at $2.62 in late May.

Friday, June 13: USEG entered into an agreement to sell an interest in Sutter Gold Mine.

Monday, June 9: Our stock pick from late May, USEG, moved up over 8.00% today to $2.99 on over three times average volume. USEG broke through its 50-day moving average at $2.76 and could be at the start of a possible three day move.

Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE)

Tuesday, July 22: CLNE has been moving higher the past three days and is now trading in between its 50-day and 200-day moving average.

Monday, July 21: CLNE traded right around its 50-day moving average ($13.10) today and finished right above it, up $0.80 at $13.21.

Monday, July 14: CLNE filed for a $150 million shelf registration last Friday. We see this as a negative for CLNE's stock price. We now like FSYS as a much better natural gas transporation play.

Friday, July 11: CLNE ended up $1.08 to $12.92 and surged late in the day. We alerted FeaturedProfiles.com visitors to CLNE earlier in the day in the Stock Hub. CLNE is getting a lot of attention due to the Pickens Plan. CLNE provides natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets in the United States and Canada.

Tuesday, July 8: CLNE had a nice day up $0.74 to $11.18 as fuel stocks like CLNE get attention.

Monday, June 30: CLNE's chart is shpaing up a nice for a move higher over the next few days. CLNE closed up $0.49 to $11.49 today on above average volume.

CKX Lands (CKX)

Wednesday, June 18: CKX, our stock pick from June 6th, was up $2.55 to $15.98 today and was the #8 largest percentage point gainer on the AMEX today, up over 19%.

Uranium Resources (URRE)

Monday, July 21: URRE should move towards the top of its chart pattern once it gains momentum again.

Monday, June 23: URRE was the #3 largest percentage point gainer on the NASDAQ today, up $0.73 to $3.30 or over 28%, one trading day after our profile Friday evening.

Magellan Petroleum (MPET)

Thursday, June 26: MPET had a solid day, trading in the green throughout the day and trading average volume.

Wednesday, June 18: MPET, a stock we mentioned yesterday morning in the Stock Hub, had a big day today, up $0.13 to $1.85 or over 7.50%. MPET continues to build a great chart.

Limelight Networks (LLNW)

Wednesday, July 16: LLNW built on its momentum yesterday and closed up $0.33 to $3.88.

Tuesday, July 15: LLNW traded nicely higher today, up $0.26 to $3.55 or 7.90%.

Tuesday, July 8: LLNW traded up close to 6% today as tech stocks got hot.

Monday, June 2: LLNW had a big day, one day after our stock pick. LLNW closed up over 13% today and is looking good to move for a third day.

Nova Biosource Fuels (NBF)

Thursday, July 17: NBF closed up $0.05 to $0.45 or over 12% on above average volume.

Monday, June 30: NBF closed up 11.67% as fuel stocks gain momentum. NBF has room to move higher.

Thursday, June 26: NBF rebounded today and reached as high as $0.82 before closing up $0.11 to $0.73 or over 17%.

Wednesday, June 11: NBF, as an alternative energy play, moved up 3.13% but traded as high as $1.08 before closing at $0.99.

Nautilus (NLS)

Tuesday, July 29: NLS closed up $0.47 to $5.09 today and crossed back through its 200-day moving average.

Friday, June 13: NLS closed up $0.42 to $6.15 or over 7.00% and may be working off its bottom with the 50-day moving average approaching.

ClickSoftware Technologies (CKSW)

Tuesday, November 25: CKSW has closed near its high of the day during the last two days. We could see CKSW break through $2.50 and break out.

Wednesday, November 19: CKSW looks like it is attempting an uptrend and it had a bullish day considering the overall market environment. CKSW closed up $0.13 to $2.30.

Monday, August 18: CKSW closed up $0.29 to $2.70, up 12%+ and breaking solidly through its 50-day moving average.

Thursday, August 23: CKSW closed up $0.21 to $5.06 or 4.33%.

Wednesday, August 22: CKSW traded in the green throughout the day to finish up $0.22 to $4.85 or 4.75%. CKSW appears to be at the start of a possible strong uptrend.

Tuesday, August 7: CKSW traded up 4.31% today.

Universal Travel Group (UTVG)

Monday, July 14: UTVG moved up over 6.00% today and has room to move upwards in its chart.

Wednesday, May 14: UTVG crossed resistance today and moved higher strongly, up $0.27 to $2.74 or 10%+. UTVG traded above average volume as well.

Tuesday, May 13: UTVG is trending sideways at the top of its short-term uptrend, but we believe there are catalysts to move it past resistance. Traffic is still skyrocketing at their travel service site. The company will be holding a conference call on Thursday, May 15 at 8:00 AM to discuss first quarter results. We wouldn't be surprised if the company discusses further guidance.

Monday, May 12: UTVG is facing resistance around $2.67. We believe this resistance is minor and will be taken out once there is sufficient volume into UTVG. We believe it was bullish that UTVG held at the top of its range today, in a tight range between $2.55 and $2.67.

Wednesday, May 7: UTVG dropped today, but there were buyers to provide support between $2.34 and $2.42. Check the Stock Hub for intraday updates we had on UTVG today.

Tuesday, May 6: UTVG held stable today even though it was down slightly. We believe its chart pattern indicates that it could move over $2.80 again, more solidly than it did yesterday when it was above $2.80 for a short time. Today, UTVG volume was almost twice the average at this higher level, a bullish sign. Investors are still interested in UTVG near the top of its chart pattern.

Monday, May 5: UTVG is extremely hot right now. It touched $2.86 before noon and is closing in on a million shares of daily volume.

Xethanol Corp. (XNL)

Tuesday, July 15: XNL, our Stock of the Week last week, moved up 17.78% today. It appears a lot of the sellers have moved out of XNL and its moving strong on buying volume.

Friday, July 11: XNL had a total possible gain of 28.2% this week as our Stock of the Week posted on the front page of FeaturedProfiles.com Sunday evening. It significantly outperformed, the NASDAQ, which was in the red for the week.

Tuesday, July 8: XNL had another strong day, up $0.05 to $0.50 or over 11%. This is a very nice two day move for our Stock of the Week. XNL has been up over 28% since we released it Sunday evening.

Monday, July 7: XNL was up huge today on Day #1 of our Stock of the Week. XNL stepped higher three times to closed up $0.06 to $0.45 or over 15%. Make sure to read our Stock Hub comments on XNL today.

Wednesday, June 18: XNL was in the green, up $0.02 to $0.72 and traded in a range from $0.68 - $0.73.

Tuesday, June 17: XNL finished up slightly, $0.02 to $0.70.

Friday, June 13: XNL traded over two times average volume in closing up $0.69. We believe XNL could become a big short-term play.

Wednesday, June 11: XNL was up 12.50% on over two times average volume today. The company announced that it has engaged an advisor to explore growth alternatives for Xethanol's business.

Maxygen (MAXY)

Friday, January 2: MAXY was a huge winner in December, moving from the $4.00 - $5.00 range to the $9.00 level now. MAXY is now up over 100% since we selected it as a Stock Pick back in July of last year.

Thursday, November 13: MAXY trended significantly higher after 1:00 PM, moving nicely with the market and exceeding market gains. MAXY closed up $0.54 to $4.64.

Wednesday, September 3: MAXY surged early in the day then lost its momentum, but the company still managed to close up 4%+.

Thursday, August 28: MAXY stepped higher throughout the day and closed up a solid 5%+ to $5.23.

Friday, August 22: MAXY closed up $0.45 to $5.60 or 8.74% today. MAXY's chart is looking great.

Tuesday, August 5: MAXY closed up $0.23 to $5.36, up over 4%. We are confident MAXY will finish the week strong. MAXY's chart is primed for a breakout in the next day or two.

Tuesday, July 29: MAXY broke through its 50-day moving average today. For more on MAXY, check our Stock Notes from the July 18th when we predicted MAXY was due for a breakout.

Tuesday, July 22: MAXY closed up $0.20 to $4.80 and is challenging its 50-day moving average that we spoke of last Friday. Pharmaceutical stocks are heating up, MAXY should breakout soon.

Thursday, July 17: MAXY has moved quietly the last three trading days and came very close to reaching its 50-day moving average today. After consolidating, MAXY is now becoming a mover.

Tuesday, July 15: MAXY changed its trading today and might be getting close to making a move above its 50-day moving average at $5.00.

Monday, July 14: MAXY is still moving sideways and tightening up. The 50-day is moving down. It wouldn't surprise us to see MAXY spike one of these days and breakthrough its 50-day moving average.

Lifeway Foods (LWAY)

Tuesday, July 29: LWAY has been on an impressive uptrend from under $10.50 to over $13.00 today.

Tuesday, July 15: LWAY is filling in its chart and both its 50-day and 200-day moving averages are moving down towards its current level. We could see a breakout and LWAY moving to the top of its short-term chart.

Tuesday, September 4: LWAY had a huge day today, climbing as high as $17.50 before closing up $2.66 to $16.82 or 18.79%.

Monday, August 27: LWAY is working its way toward a new 52-week high above $14.88 after bottoming close to $11.00.

Thursday, August 23: LWAY continued in the green today, up $0.20 to $13.08.

Wednesday, August 22: LWAY began filling out its chart pattern today to finish up $0.63 to $12.88 or 5.14%.

NeuroMetrix (NURO)

Tuesday, July 8: NURO ran flat in the green most of the day and then stepped up two times in the afternoon. NURO finished up $0.41 to $1.88 or over 27%.

IncrediMail (MAIL)

Tuesday, November 25: MAIL closed up $0.24 to $2.34 today or 11%+.

Tuesday, July 8: MAIL had a big day up $0.27 to $3.40 and traded over three and a half times average volume today.

Friday, August 31: MAIL closed up $0.40 to $8.60 or 4.88% trading above average volume.

Thursday, August 23: MAIL closed up $0.24 to $8.20 or 3.02%.

Wednesday, August 8: MAIL closed up $0.27 to $8.63 or 3.23%.

Elecsys (ASY)

Tuesday, September 4: ASY continues to rebound, closing up today $0.34 to $6.64 or 5.55%.

Tuesday, July 31: ASY continued its rebound, up $0.29 to $7.29 or 4.14%.

Monday, July 30: ASY began to rebound today, up 4.48% to $7.00.

Lumera (LMRA)

Thursday, August 28: LMRA gapped up huge today and continued its momentum throughout the day, closing up $0.24 to $0.61, up 64%.

Tuesday, August 5: LMRA closed up 8%+ today and is working off a bottom at around the $0.60 level.

Thursday, July 17: LMRA closed up $0.06 to $0.68 or close to 10%.

Monday, July 14: LMRA closed near the $1.00 level it needs to stay listed on the NASDAQ.

Monday, June 23: LMRA climbed over 22% on news today.

Wednesday, June 4: LMRA moved up 6%+. LMRA maybe have found a bottom around the $1.00 level.

Tuesday, May 27: LMRA closed up over 6.00% today and may be attempting to reverse.

Tuesday, May 13: LMRA moved on above average today, up over 8.00%. We'll watch LMRA to see if it can follow up today's gain with another gain tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 4: LMRA has put together three days of increasing volume and two green sessions in a row.

Wednesday, August 8: LMRA was the #4 largest percentage point gainer on the NASDAQ today, up $0.82 to $3.63 or 29.18%.

Wednesday, July 18: LMRA filed a shelf registration after the bell, which is causing it to fall in after hours.

Tuesday, July 17: LMRA formed a new bioscience subsidiary.

Wednesday, July 11: LMRA is under accumulation and gaining strength as the 50-day moving average of $4.52 dips down toward its current price. We could see LMRA breakout once the stock crosses the 50-day moving average with convincing volume.

Thursday, June 28: LMRA is continuing to bottom. The stock has traded a higher low the last three trading days.

Elecsys (ASY)

Tuesday, July 24: ASY traded around even most of the day before dipping down to support at $8.20. This stock is not far away from a new 52-week high above $8.99 and moves fast on volume. ASY has been virtually undiscovered and still has managed to build a great chart.


Thursday, June 28: MEM has the 50-day moving average approaching as support at $4.67.

Wednesday, June 27: MEM has corrected, is now bottoming and should turn the corner soon.

Monday, June 11: MEM was extremely bullish today finishing up $0.36 to $5.18 and ending at its high of the day. MEM is gaining heavy awareness.

Versar (VSR)

Tuesday, September 4: VSR gained momentum late in the day after trading in the red most of the day. VSR finished up $0.37 to $8.70 or 4.44%.

Cuisine Solutions (FZN)

Friday, August 31: FZN closed up $0.50 to $6.45 or 8.40%.

Wednesday, August 22: FZN closed up $0.41 to $5.40 or 8.22%.

Novacea (NOVC)

Tuesday, November 25: NOVC may have reached a bottom around its current price level.

Thursday, July 17: NOVC closed up over 10% today on below average volume.

Friday, June 20: NOVC is quietly moving higher as its chart shapes up.

Wednesday, July 11: NOVC reached $11.09 today filling out its chart pattern before closing up $0.89 at $10.40 or 9.36%.

Wednesday, June 20: NOVC straddled even for most of the day waiting for its next catalyst before moving higher.

Monday, June 18: NOVC is brewing for a possible large run. NOVC closed up 5.26% to $10.81.

Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI)

Wednesday, March 4: ASTI closed at its high of the day, up $0.24 to $2.57.

Monday, November 24: ASTI moved up 14%+ today.

Wednesday, June 18: ASTI finished up $0.62 to $12.98 on slightly below average volume.

Friday, June 13: ASTI closed up $0.61 to $10.93. ASTI is pretty attractive around its current price as investors move to alternative energy stocks.

Tuesday, May 13: ASTI appears to be in a sideways pattern, but with today's momentum it could move up towards $18.00 over the next few days to fill out its double bottom chart pattern.

Tuesday, September 4: ASTI has had four straight days of increasing volume and increasing stock price. ASTI is receiving a lot of attention.

Thursday, August 23: ASTI finished up at its high of the day at $8.00, a bullish sign.

Tuesday, July 17: ASTI corrected to the downside today.

Monday, July 16: ASTI is filling out its chart pattern towards a new 52-week high above $11.34.

Wednesday, July 11: ASTI is continuing to step higher.

Monday, July 9: ASTI hit overhead resistance today.

Thursday, July 5: ASTI dropped $0.40 to $8.38, but is holding at support.

Thursday, June 28: ASTI might baseline straddling the $9.00 level for the next 5 - 10 trading days according to the chart.

Tuesday, June 26: ASTI closed up $1.24 to $9.31 or 15.37%. ASTI was the #5 largest percentage point gainer on the NASDAQ today. ASTI closed very near its high of the day, there was a major amount of buying at the open and the close today on ASTI.

Monday, June 25: Check the Stock Hub for our commentary on ASTI today. ASTI is beginning to follow its chart, closing up $0.41 to $8.07.

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